Module 1 (LIVE) : Start with Why

Watch the module videos and complete the workbook.

Action Items:

  • Complete the 3 Mindset Exercises
  • Write down your values for the 4 questions I presented.
  • Write a mission statement stating your why and values
  • Make a 60 second vlog on your Mission Statement
  • Post your vlog in the private Facebook group and your personal Facebook profile
  • List 5-10 possible topics for your podcast
  • Put your topics next to your values and choose the one that aligns most with your values
  • Write down three possible audiences for your podcast idea
  • Pick one audience you’ll stick to for now -> Don’t worry about getting this right from the first time, all we need is an indication of where you want to go. Next week, we’ll test it.
  • Post your idea in the Facebook group
  • Reach out to people that fit your potential audience and get at least 3 people to be part of your mini-audience. Preferably 10 people.